A magic place in a magic town!


Started in 2007, inspired from experiences in alternative communities in southern Spain and funky squats in Berlin.

The creators wanted to combine the feeling of individual freedom with values of respect and tolerance to make a neutral space where people could find a common ground together.

Staff are chosen for their genuine care for people and keeping a peaceful environment.  A soft common lounge full of musical instruments becomes a place of inspiration and relaxation.


Euphoria hosts many workshops, live music performances and cultural evenings in our common area.

Encouraging guests to play instruments like, piano, drums or guitars that are amongst the soft couches and twinkling candles.

Shared kitchens are well used by our guests cooking different dishes from around the world. Although Euphoria does not advertise a breakfast we do provide tea & coffee and cereals.

Contact us:



call +372 58 373 602.