Ultimate lifestyle job now available!

Hostel Manager position available!

We are looking for and adventurous, self motivated, organized and responsible manager who would share his or her vision of life and hospitality in our Euphoria house.

Euphoria Hostel is looking for a manager to share his/her hospitality and service with its guests.

Imagine living in a house where friends from around the world come to stay over for one night and more, where international musicians and artists like to hang out, create and exhibit their works and perform. A cozy house full of color, warmth, music and lots of love. 

This is Euphoria.  Providing  backpackers, travellers, students short term and long term accommodation and event space for local and international artists.

We are looking for someone manage the running of the house and bring their example of hospitality to our team and guests. 

What you will need to manage...

  • Organizing a Roster of  staff, and services (eg. garbage collection, laundry etc.)
  • Ordering stock for both retail, housekeeping and guests
  • Setting good prices so that all our guests contribute fairly to the sustainability of the house
  • Consistent communication with staff,  long term guests, interested visitors, business partners.
  • Monthly accounting for money and statistical information
  • A monthly and yearly budgets need to be made to make sure the house is able to repair itself and grow
  • Salaries need to be paid every month
  • Keep up to date with the technology that helps us to take bookings, advertise and organize and be able to explain this to your staff.
  • Ordering the general repair of the house.
  • Organizing house keeping and cleanliness inside and outside the house

You are not alone.

It is definitely a full time Job but thankfully there are many wonderful and intelligent people who want to come and be part of our team that keeps everything running and who can appreciate clear direction and vision .

Reception staff - who are not afraid of challenges, can receive instruction and be on time and punctual

Housekeeping staff - who make the beds, mop the floors and keep everything shining.

We also have a carpenter who shares his workshop in our basement who handles immediate repairs of different issues.

The owners of Euphoria have had 10 years experience in all the dimensions of the job and can give good advice and support with how to handle the seasonal challenges that arise and make plans for the future.

What we'd like to offer you,

In exchange for taking care of Euphoria and helping it grow:

A competitive base salary with commission

Limited access to our company car

Possibility of tenancy in one of our rooms

A network of friends you will make for life around the world.

Who YOU are...

It is really important that we find the right person for the job and below are our bullet points of who we are looking for. If what we describe is you then we'd love you to apply.

  • Have experience in management  and ready commit to minimum of one year contract.
  • You have a driver's licence and a  living and working permit in Estonia
  • You can read and write fluently English and Estonian (Russian a huge plus and every other language is a bonus)
  • Can communicate with people from all cultures, knowing and respecting the essential values of what it is to be human.
  • Can make any guest of yours feel welcome and included into whatever is happening .
  • You are a social person - loving people and building strong networks with them.
  • Working in a team you understand the importance of consensus and know how to bring it.
  • Love to work out with your team the best and most enjoyable ways of working together.
  • Self motivated with an urge to excel.
  • Can take direction from others and live up to your word and obligations.
  • Personal organization is your middle name, and enjoys keeping detailed paperwork in good order
  • Enjoy making a business grow and be successful.
  • Can easily comprehend technology and adapt and master new systems
  • Can handle basic accounting and has a thorough understanding of  Microsoft excel.
  • Can delegate,motivate and train people and maintain accountability within a team
  • Knows how manage own time and the time of a team.
  • Is a great communicator
  • Unafraid of ‘getting hands dirty’ doing the menial task as an example or in times of urgency.
  • Is orientated with current legal information and can find answers to general legal questions from governmental law if needed
  • Forward thinker who enjoys making good strategies to conserve energy and create space for freedom and creativity.
  • Loves life music, art and enjoying cool sophisticated parties to entertain guests expand networks.


If you would like to apply...

Make a brief video introduction with your phone of yourself and say a few words about yourself and your interest in this job and mail them with your CV  to  kingsgate.tallinn@gmail.com