Getting it done!

Posted On - April 12, 2017

The sun is coming out, the birds are singing and travellers are a travelling and we are getting it done!

Peeter hitting the bulls eye.

We’re still running around looking for recyclable items for our new bathroom, and repairing our drainage pipes in the basement.  We are feeling good knowing that we are clean at the roots and we are going to have a nice eco bathroom to keep our guests clean up top.

Our very own house Dr.

Running a hostel from an old rambling house like this one is constant work of repair and invention, but this is fuel for the fire of our creative spirits.

During the winter things get pretty slow but now the sun comes out our guests are returning and we have the pleasure of meeting new people from around the world.

Good afternoon and welcome. Time to check in and relax.

Time to book your flights and get over here!